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New frontiers, unprecedented opportunities

When it comes to your space investments, have you taken into account the entire complex body of space law,
including its international components? If not, your ROI might be much lower than what you envisioned.

We are on the verge of the next golden space era, with mass market space tourism, the ultra luxurious space yachting, space mining and even space colonization just years away.

To get to the forefront of the space industry “2.0”, you’ll want trusted advisors by your side that specialize in a 360 degree approach to the legal, risk and business implications of your space ventures.

At ZORC SPACE, this is exactly what we do and who we are to our clients. If you’d like to schedule a conversation with our Founder and CEO, dr. Martina Zorc, please email us at drmartinazorc@zorcspace.com.

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Dr. Martina Zorc, CEO

Dr. Martina Zorc, with a PhD in International Outer Space Law and an LL.M in Outer Space Law and Economics, is the author of the upcoming book »Wild Wild Space« and the founder and CEO of ZORC SPACE, a boutique »one-stop space shop« (first of its kind) that specializes in providing risk-reducing legal and business solutions to space entrepreneurs and companies, as well as investors in fast-expanding space opportunities, so that they can make wiser, more informed, and more profitable / less costly decisions.

In addition, her international speaking and partnership interests often involve the synergies arising from collaborations with futurists, law schools, and film producers to help educate the public about space law and its implications for the quality of life on Earth.

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